NEWWA 2015 Spring Conference

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System-Wide Water Treatment Solution for Regulatory Compliance and Iron and Manganese Removal
Geographic location of sources add to challenge

The Town of Bellingham was notified by MassDEP of drinking water violations related to microbiologicals/bacteria and the Groundwater Rule (GWR).  Wright-Pierce conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Town’s treatment needs. The results of the study lead to the construction of two centralized water treatment facilities in the northern and southern regions of Town to treat all current groundwater sources utilizing pressure filtration with chlorine disinfection as the primary treatment process. Mr. Cray's presentation will discuss the piloting, design, and construction phases of the project and illustrate some of the challenges involved with developing a system-wide treatment solution for groundwater sources geographically separated throughout the distribution system.  

To read more about the new 2.41 MGD greensand facility constructed to treat the Town's southern region groundwater sources, click here.

Rehabilitation of an Old Cast Iron Pipeline in a Challenging Location

A 120-year old, 10-inch cast iron water transmission main supplying the West Elm Street tank in Yarmouth, ME was hydraulically restricted, leading to poor tank circulation and water level tracking. Project challenges included the pipe location on private property in a cross-country area, presenting legal access issues. Following extensive hydraulics evaluation of numerous options, the Town chose rehabilitation of the pipeline using a cement-lining method. Mr. Lary's presentation discusses the alternatives considered, and the project challenges.

To read more about the project click here.
Water System Asset Management Plan

Rate payers were reluctant to accept increases prompting town Selectmen to request the Water Department develop an Asset Management Plan. to Wright-Pierce worked with the Town of Orleans, MA to develop an Asset Management Plan to guide and optimize allocation of the town's water department capital improvement resources over the next 20 years. Mr. Berg will discuss the implementation of the Asset Management Plan.

To read more about the project click here.


Meet our Presenters:

James Cray, PE
Lead Project Engineer

Darrin Lary, PE
Project Manager

Chris Berg, PE
Project Engineer

For more information about the 2015 Spring NEWWA conference click here.