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INSIGHTS - Spring/Summer 2016

The latest issue of Insights focuses on infrastructure issues many communities are facing:

  • Lessons learned from Flint, MI
  • Integrated watershed nutrient management -Stormwater controls
  • EPA Sewage Sludge Incineration (SSI) Rules
  • Infrastructure management - Aging water mains
  • Facility optimization - Controlling O & M costs
  • Asset renewal management- Using NASSCO standards

Lessons Learned from Flint, MI

Saving Money by Optimizing Stormwater Controls for Nutrient Removal

New SSI Rules and What They Mean

Water Mains...Replace or Rehabilitate?

Controlling O & M Costs through SCADA Optimization

Asset Management - Risk Management; How NASSCO Can Help

New Cell

INSIGHTS - Fall 2015

The fall edition of INSIGHTS is focused on the growing complexity and correlation between municipal infrastructure and environmental challenges.







Achieving Advance Nutrient Removal Standards
Phosphorus Control

Novel Ballasted Flocculation Design Achieves Stringent Phosphorus and Zinc Standards in Rhode Island

Design/Build Phosphorous Removal Project Cleans Up One of 10 Worst Rivers in US

Nitrogen Control

Upgraded Connecticut WWTF Consistently Achieves Discharge Limits Contributing to Water Quality Improvements in Long Island Sound

New Hampshire's Great Bay Water Quality Improved with Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Upgrades to Dover and Durham Facilities

INSIGHTS - Spring 2015
Our spring edition of INSIGHTS is focused on sustainable water management and the wide range of issues challenging communities today. Flip through our newsletter and read informative articles written by our in-house engineers who deal with these issues day in and day out, while helping communities navigate the impact of the changing environment on our water resources and infrastructure.

Todays Complex Water Supply Issues Demand an Integrated Watershed Approach

Adapting to Climate Change

Nitrogen Management in Watersheds

INSIGHTS - Fall 2014

In this issue...

Impact of Climate Change on Infrastructure
What are we doing? What can we do?

Is Your Water Quality at Risk from Climate Change?
Sea level rise, algae outbreaks are indicators

Climate Change and Planning for the Future
Assessing and adapting wastewater facilities

Building Resilient Communities
Green infrastructure as an adaptation strategy

Public - Private Strategy a Success
Homeowners as stakeholders results in achieving I-I reduction goals

INSIGHTS - Fall 2013

In this issue...
Has Membrane Treatment Gone Mainstream?

Maximize Plan Capacity, Minimize CSO's
Increasing treatment plant capacity provides numerous environmental benefits

The Milestone Removal of Maine's Veazie Dam
Opening access to 1,000 miles of habitat, restoring social, cultural and economic aspects of life along the river

Innovative Urine Harvesting Pilot Project
UNH students working on innovative pilot project featuring urine harvesting and reuse in order to reduce a major source of nitrogen pollution and to aid in the development of sustainable agriculture.

INSIGHTS - Spring 2013

In this issue...

On the Road to Sustainability
Measure what matters most

Telemetry Goes Cellular
Savings $$$ - increasing reliability

Wastewater Force Main Failures
Avoid emergency repair by assessing pipe condition

Consequence or Probability of Pipe Failure
Do you know yours?

Achieving Stringent Discharge Standards
Unique discharge designs meet environmental regulations

MS4 Stormwater Permit Update

LED Lighting
A cost saving alternative for municipal streetscapes

INSIGHTS - Spring 2012

In this issue...

FCC Narrowbanding Mandate is Coming 2012
Is your radio telemetry system ready?

Got Manganese?

Nutrient Removal Projects Throughout New England

Is Your Well Gushing or Trickling?
The key to optimizing performance and capacity yield

Low Impact Development, Best Management Practices
Are you addressing stormwater treatment as part of your site development, maintenance and rehabilitation strategy?




INSIGHTS - Fall 2011

In this issue...

Asset Management — Today and Tomorrow

Sewage Force Mains
A Forgotten Asset

The Revamped MS4 Stormwater Permit
What does it mean for your community

Integrated Watershed Management
The sustainable path to the future




INSIGHTS - Spring 2011

In this issue...

Focus on Asset Management
Today and tomorrow

Comprehensive Water Master Plan
Two CT communities determine their capital improvements needs for the next 50 years

Planning Road Improvements
Perfect time to consider upgrading subsurface infrastructure

Implementing Solar Power in MA
The Commonwealth of MA has set a goal to achieve 250 megawatts of solar power installations by 2017

CT DEP Sets More Stringent Interim Phosphorus Limits
Does Your Community Have a FOG Management Program?
Fats, oil and grease General Permit status in CT





INSIGHTS - Fall 2010

In this issue...

Infrastructure Sustainability
There's more to it than merely "green washing" projects

Conserving energy at water facilities

Membrane Filtration Facility
A model in sustainable water infrastructure

Removing Barriers to Fish Passage
New initiatives improve habitat and connectivity... and also affect how you approach infrastructure projects





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The Increasing Complexity of Infrastructure and Environmental Challenges

Infrastructure and environmental challenges are getting increasingly more complex to address. In the Fall edition of INSIGHTS we profile how a number of communities and utilities throughout the northeast are rising to these very important challenges.

Water utilities are finding it more difficult to find supplemental water sources in order to keep pace with community demands. In this issue we profile three different strategies employed by New England communities and utilities to meet these water supply challenges and position their communities for continued success.

Many wastewater utilities are facing stringent water-quality driven effluent standards and have to upgrade their treatment facilities for nutrient removal. We profile how four New England communities and utilities have risen to these challenges and are meaningfully improving the environment.

Protecting our environment involves more than just infrastructure solutions. In this issue we also discuss the impacts of lawn and turf grass management on watershed protection, and the critical importance of salt marsh protection.

We are passionate about helping our clients address today’s infrastructure and environmental challenges in an affordable manner, and we believe the national recognitions we are receiving is an indicator of that passion.

Contact us for additional information about our capabilities and learn how we may be able to
help you with your water, wastewater, stormwater, civil infrastructure and environmental challenges.

John Braccio
President & CEO