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Groundwater Supply and Effluent Disposal
Management of our groundwater resources is becoming an increasingly critical component of integrated water supply and wastewater disposal solutions. Wright-Pierce is at the forefront of developing sustainable groundwater supplies in both surficial sand and gravel formations and in fractured bedrock. We routinely perform ground water modeling for new source approvals, and support local planning and resource protection ordinances. We are innovators with the application of angle wells and riverbank filtration.

We are also developing innovative wastewater effluent groundwater recharge systems, a viable alternative when surface water discharge options are limited, or where water quality constraints are severe. Groundwater recharge systems are more challenging than surface water discharge systems. They require specific hydrogeological conditions and are more senstive to treatment process upsets. However, they provide significant benefits in the right applications. Wright-Pierce has designed numerous groundwater recharge systems including leach field systems, drip irrigation systems, slow rate land applications, rapid infiltration, reuse and irrigation, and vertical discharge systems. 

We have extensive experience in providing innovative hydrogeologic solutions that demonstrate "thinking outside the box."

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